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The Agility Network is actively responding to our community's call to action to enhance our dynamic multidisciplinary career and entrepreneurship development initiatives.  Since last year, our impact has doubled from initially nurturing a cohort of 24 young individuals who make a difference in the lives of countless people wherever they serve.   We are reaching out to you for support as we strive to meet the growing demand for our unique approach in inspiring and empowering our exceptionally talented youth to chase their dreams.

From our pioneering programs in entrepreneurial civic education and employment readiness to our revolutionary competitive robotics programs that cultivate top-tier skills, we are creating opportunities to bridge the gap between academia and the real world. These efforts result in the emergence of confident and well-prepared young leaders who are eager to make a difference in their communities.

This impactful work relies on investments. While we are fortunate to have received generous support from private donors who have funded our initial strides, expanding our programs to serve even more youth requires your assistance.

We invite you to join us in giving more young individuals a head start in 2023 and beyond by becoming a donor today. Our fundraising goal is set at $50,000, which will go towards supporting our current competitive high school robotics team, our ESTEAM program for middle school and younger children, and our civics education program. These initiatives engage and empower our youth to become problem solvers who collaborate with and hold our elected officials accountable, both domestically and internationally. Your support can make a meaningful difference in the lives of these aspiring young leaders.

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